To promote, from a theological feminist perspective, the acknowledgement of women as citizens with freedom of choice over their lives, their bodies and their sexualities.

An organization that articulates a critical social base which demands the Church  to respect the autonomy of women without imposing a single sexual moral; and that advocates for a secular state and public policies that guarantee sexual and reproductive rights of women in Peru. 


  • We believe in freedom of conscience as the basis of human dignity and as a principle ensured by the Catholic doctrine, which allows every single person to decide according to their own conscience and whose actions and ideas are respected by the Catholic Church.
  • We believe in the right of women to decide on their life projects, their own bodies and sexualities, without any kind of intervention from the State, society or religious hierarchies. We affirm people’s moral authority and ethical capacity to make their own decisions, according to their personal convictions.
  • We believe in the plurality of voices and thinking, especially regarding sexuality, within the Catholic Church, because we are convinced that every person possesses freedom of conscience and lives by their own faith.
  • We believe in a Catholic Church that organizes itself in a fairer and democratic way, inclusive of all voices and diversities.
  • We believe that the church needs to get involved with its own context reality, in order to acquire the ability to respond properly to historic developments.
  • We believe in a secular State as an essential assurance for the exercise of civil liberties and human rights, within the framework of democracy. We work on the strengthening of an autonomous State, detached from the church in order to avoid the influence of religious dogmas in regulations and politics.